Facilities managers on campuses around the country are transforming and creating new, innovative, and effective learning environments. They are charged with long-range planning, institutional stewardship, and overall facilities administration, and will benefit from resources in this section.

ASHRAE IAQ Guide now a Free Dowload

Healthy Seat Assessment Guidebook allows you to tour different areas of the school, identify regulations that may be relevant by area, and provides links to specific helpful sites

ENERGY STAR Webinar: Energy Savings Plus Health: Indoor Air Quality Guidelines for School Building Upgrades

Find out about the link between road salts and water quality when used during winter weather from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.  Learn more about the chemistry, different types of salts and effective money and environment-saving techniques.

Does sealcoat matter? An informative Fact Sheet from the University of New Hampshire.

Safe Facilities operations- A full library of guides and training materials for a variety of facilities operations from OSHA.