Chemical Safety for Teachers and their Supervisors (Gr 7-12), published by the American Chemical Society

About Energy - grades 5-12

Environmental Health - Lesson Plans and Activities  from NIH/NIEHS (The National Institutes of Health/National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences)

Native Plants Curriculum information & Activities from the National Park Service

The Environmental Education (EE) Program in EPA's Pacific Southwest regional office (Region 9 - Serving: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Pacific Islands, Tribal Nations )

Recipes for Healthy Kids and a Healthy Environment - geared towards children ages 9-13

Environmental Science Curriculum (AR)

Curriculum Activities for all Grade Levels (IL) and other Educator's Tools

Hazardous Waste Classroom Activities

Universal House Activity Guide / Energy

Conserve and Renew (CA)

Boating Clean and Green

Healthy Air (CA)

Information for your students about a careers in environmental compliance.

National American Association for Environmental Education

Online Environmental Calculators -A collection of sites for interactive use

Drinking Water

In the "Teachers' Desk,"  you'll find a variety of teacher-ready activities to accompany the stories and other features in the Sci4Kids web site from the USDA. From a coloring page for the younger set, to a monster of a word find for the older kids, the content encompasses a range of student levels. It will not only help kids learn about agricultural research, but also strengthen reading skills and stimulate creative thinking!

Soil activities for kids 9-11 (Dept. of Interior - Bureau of Land Management)

All about Frogs - Teacher's Corner

Safety Alert Rainbow Demonstration & alternatives from the American Chemical Society

Safety in the Science Classroom resources from the National Science Teachers Association