About Campus ERC

The Campus Environmental Resource Center--CampusERC--is intended to be a great library of resources to support campus environmental performance improvement. Developed collaboratively by NACUBO, C2E2, CSHEMA, APPA and the EPA, the primary audience is staff, administrators or faculty who are looking for resources to better understand environmental regulations, find relevant contacts, seek model practices, track news or build and manage better environmental programs. 

The site is designed so users can enter the library through different doors. Generalists may wish to enter through the door marked Campus Tour  for information associated with specific locations on campus and best practices.  For information concerning specific regulatory requirements applicable to a campus, enter through the Resource section marked Compliance Guides. Users seeking information about physical impacts or the environmental footprint associated with campus life may wish to enter the Topics, to find information about resource usage and wastes. New to the site is a section called Your Role on Campus, which features news, articles, and other items of interest to different audiences.  Throughout the site, you  will see the "schoolhouse icon,"  K-12  which is used throughout the site to highlight items specific for K-12 audiences.

Information concerning model practices, hot topics, management and leadership is found throughout the library.  We welcome your submissions!   This is our library, and it will only be as good as the documents and resources found here. We will always welcome your questions and news items, and we encourage you to suggest documents, model practices and other resources to add to the site.