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Cathode Ray Tubes
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Cathode Ray Tubes 

Watch it! These days, almost every college dorm room contains a computer monitor or television--or both. And both contain cathode ray tubes (CRTs), which may be considered hazardous waste.

In fact, a recent EPA study shows that waste from electronics including computers and televisions already accounts for about 1 percent of the municipal waste stream. Of the 20 million personal computers that became obsolete in 1998, only 13 percent were recycled or reused! Although new technologies and upgrades are exciting, each advance has within it the potential to aggravate this problem of electronic waste.

Proceed through this section of the tour to find out how to manage the CRT-containing items in your residential facility and dispose of them according to the environmental regulations that apply. For useful information for recycling old personal computers, go to the following link:

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