Introductory Meteorogy Lessons (self study)

These three short lessons provide newcomers to the field of meteorology with an introduction to the atmosphere and oceans, as well as the main processes involved in setting up Earth's weather.

Topics covered include Earth's heat balance and circulation, global winds, water vapor and the hydrologic cycle, stability and parcel theory, clouds, thunderstorms, ocean currents, tides, and atmospheric and oceanic measurements. The lessons in total offer 90-110 minutes of content (Introduction to the Atmosphere - 35-45 min, Basic Weather Processes - 35-45 min, Introduction to the World's Oceans - 20 min). 

Met 101: Introduction to the Atmosphere (35-45 min)
Met 101: Basic Weather Processes (35-45 min)
Met 101: Introduction to the World's Oceans (20 min)