Small Water Systems Webinars by EPA

In the United States, there are 151,119 operational public water systems (PWS). Of these, 97% (146,767) are considered small systems under the Safe Drinking Water Act, meaning they serve 10,000 or fewer people. Although the majority of our PWS are considered small systems, they serve the fewest number of people-approximately 27% (69,070,729) of the population (255,923,859) receiving drinking water from PWS. While many of these active small systems consistently provide safe, reliable drinking water to their customers, many face a number of challenges in their ability to achieve and maintain system sustainability. Some of these small system challenges include lack of expertise to choose, operate, and maintain systems; lack of financial resources; aging infrastructure; limited options for residual disposal; and state primacy agencies with limited resources to support the large number of small systems.

Monthly webinars are held, with CEU points available.

August 29, 2017 | 2:00 PM ET  -  Small Water Systems Webinar: Treatment and Control for Manganese and Iron

September 26, 2017 - Small Systems Research Centers (DeRISK)

October 31, 2017 - State Acceptance of UV Disinfection Technologies

November 28, 20-17 - Lead in Schools and Selecting Lead Free Fixtures

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