Webcast from CSHEMA on new Hazardous Waste Rule - Feb 7, 2017

Webcast will be held on Tuesday, February 7, 2017 at 1pm EST; Earn CPE's!


The much-needed update to the hazardous waste generator regulations in late October was finalized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on November 28. Virtually all colleges and universities are generators of hazardous waste, from laboratories, art studios, physical plant operations, and more, and may be impacted by this rule.

Join us for a joint webcast with the Campus Safety Health and Environmental Management Association (CSHEMA) and learn what institutions should know about the new rule which will go into staggered effect depending on the state's authority to accept administrative change.   This will be as early as May 30, 2017, and up to July 2019 for other states.   However, states may choose to adopt the rule earlier so campus leadership should be award of these changes.

Hear what your campus should be doing operationally in reporting, training, labeling and other determinations  to stay in compliance.  Avoid fines by preparing your campus in advance of the deadline.


After participating in this program, you will learn to:

  • Better understand which components of the hazardous waste generator regulatory program were revised.
  • Manage campus hazardous waste in a cost-effective and protective manner.
  • Evaluate what the implications are for campuses in order to be in compliance.


  • Linda Vishino, director, office of environmental compliance, environmental, health and safety, Washington University in St Louis
  • William Diesslin, CSEMHA member and associate director, environmental health and safety, Iowa State University 

WHO SHOULD ATTEND?   ·  Chief business officers  ·  Vice presidents of finance  ·  Business office staff  ·  Budget directors  ·  Facilities managers  · Planning managers  ·  Health, safety and environmental personnel


COURSE INFORMATION:         Course Level: Intermediate  ·    Course Type:  Group internet based training  ·   CPE Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge   ·  Length: 60 minutes  ·    Prerequisites: none  ·  CPE Credits: 1 (each person must register individually to earn CPEs)

FEES:  Webcast Registration Fee: $99.00  

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Source: Campus Safety Health and Environmental Management Association (CSHEMA)