Utah's 2nd Largest School District Cuts Water Use by 35% with smart irrigation system

Utah's 2nd Largest School District Cuts Water Use by 35% and Returns $128,000 to its General Fund within the First 12 Months



Davis is one of the largest districts in Utah with 90 schools, 14 additional sites, and three schools currently under construction. This rapidly growing district struggled to balance enrollment growth and funding cuts while also addressing the state's increased water restrictions and the irrigation needs of over 1,800 acres of landscape. As Grounds/Irrigation Foreman, Mark Hurd, explains, "With only three full-time irrigation technicians and so much turf and landscape, we often felt like on-call firemen fielding emergency calls, rushing into our trucks, and driving up to an hour and a half to fix irrigation problems... sometimes even having to send kids home due to muddy play areas. With so many sites spread over a large area, we weren't able to be as efficient as we needed to be, often logging many overtime hours, never keeping up, and wasting water in the process. And once our energy committee told me we had to reduce our water usage by 30%, I knew it was time for a better solution."


After evaluating all options to retrofit their antiquated irrigation system with the help of Utah-based Sprinkler Supply Company, they chose WeatherTRAK® smart irrigation management. The ease of installation made the transition seamless, and the water savings were immediate - over 1.6 million gallons within the first 90 days at a single site! WeatherTRAK smart controllers and central Internet management software helped eliminate landscape water waste, improve the health of their turf and plants, replace


  • 1.6 million gallons of water saved + 35% total reduction in water consumption within the first 90 days
  • 68% water savings at a single school
  • 489 fewer site visits during first 12 months
  • $50,000 in labor savings and $78,000 in utility savings within the first 12 months
  • 100% system ROI within 60 days

the need for in-the-field modems, radios and IP addresses, and achieve staff operational efficiencies. The maintenance staff no longer had to be 'firemen always putting out fires' with 489 fewer site visits during the first 12 months. In one field emergency instance, Mark was automatically alerted and able to turn off the sprinklers from his iPad at home instead of leaving his family and logging overtime hours. With the school district expecting to add at least five new sites over the next seven years, WeatherTRAK smart irrigation management enables them to save as much water as possible, redirect money back into their classrooms, and streamline landscape maintenance. Paul Barnes, Director of Utility Services, refers to WeatherTRAK as "the water efficiency solution that transfers taxpayer dollars from wasteful landscape water use to valuable district resources."

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Source: Hydropoint.com