Wisconsin School District Exceeds Anticipated Energy Savings

An energy savings project completed at the School District of Osceola, Wis., in 2013 with McKinstry is outperforming the results guaranteed by the company by more than 11 percent in its first year.

The school district hired McKinstry in December 2012 under an Act 32 Energy Efficiency Revenue Limit Exemption, which enables school districts to afford facility improvements through a guaranteed energy savings performance contract (ESPC).

McKinstry and district officials worked together to bundle a number of facility improvements into several phases of work that would each cover their total cost with energy and operational savings. In the first project phase, McKinstry upgraded the building controls systems, performed improvements to make school buildings watertight and airtight and installed water conservation equipment in the district's four schools. The second project phase includes heating, cooling and roof improvements at Osceola Middle School. The project began in May 2013 and is on track to exceed the guaranteed energy savings.

As part of the contract, McKinstry will compensate the district if the annual report shows that energy savings fell below the performance guarantee.

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Source: Energy Manager Today