EnviroAtlas Educational Materials now available for K-Undergraduate

Ecosystem Services kids outdoor activity

EnviroAtlas Educational Materials:  

  • EnviroAtlas tools can be used in  both formal and informal educational settings.
  • There are ready-made lesson plans for every grade level, from kindergarten through undergraduate.
  • All lessons are aligned with Next Generation and State Science Standards for each grade in the Appendix. 

Introduction to Ecosystem Services
This suite of six mini-lessons for grades 4-6 introduces the concept of ecosystem services in a blended learning format.  Each of the six mini-lessons can be completed in 30 minutes or less, and combined, use cutting-edge technology, get students outdoors, and engage students in hands-on activities.  

Building a Greenway: A Case Study
This interdisciplinary learning module promotes student discovery using available maps and data, engaging  students to be collaborative decision-makers. This case study is intended for secondary education, undergraduate, and community education/engagement programs. 

Connecting Ecosystems and Human Health
This engaging lesson plan module from grades 4-16 introduces students to the connections between ecosystems and human health by using an interactive web-based tool and a hands-on activity.

Exploring Your Watershed
This interactive lesson-plan module for grades K-6 encourages students to explore their local watershed through a hands-on lab, an outdoor exploratory session with maps, and an EnviroAtlas web-mapping session that can be completed with or without internet. This lesson plan is also available in Spanish! 

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Source: U.S. EPA