Utility Plant/Power Plant

Imagine for a moment what your campus would experience if it lost electric power. Many larger academic institutions will never know, because they generate and distribute their own electric power. If yours is one of these, you should be aware that the environmental impact of power plants extends beyond air emissions. Some of the environmental issues pertinent to power plants include:

  • Storing oil or chemicals in underground or aboveground storage tanks
  • Generating used oil as a waste stream
  • Operating transformers (especially those contaminated with PCBs)
  • Possessing materials that contain asbestos
  • Operating boilers for steam generation
  • Using water treatment additives for cooling water
  • Discharging storm water or cooling water
  • Recycling materials
  • Conducting air emissions monitoring

Applying the regulations and engaging in the best practices outlined in this section will help you do more than ensure compliance or avoid fines and negative publicity. You'll also have the satisfaction of knowing that you are:

  • Contributing to a safer workplace
  • Reducing operating costs by minimizing waste
  • Saving money by preventing the costly clean-ups caused by pollution
  • Contributing to a cleaner environment

Click through this tour for information you need on power-plant environmental regulations, written in everyday language.