What would a college or university be without laboratories? In a laboratory, as with many other topics covered in the virtual tour, environmental issues go hand in hand with health and safety issues.

In this section, you'll learn not only how to help protect the environment, but also how to protect people from chemical exposure and other dangerous situations. The primary regulatory subject areas to be covered are those that probably affect you every day:

  • Hazardous waste management, including toxic waste, mixed waste and waste determination
  • Chemical storage
  • Wastewater discharge
  • Air quality

Among other topics to be covered are federal environmental regulations and best practices related to:

  • Fume hoods
  • Floor drains and sinks
  • Container management
  • Gas cylinder management
  • Satellite accumulation areas
  • Emergency equipment
  • Training

Proceed through this section of the tour to become more informed about the environmental issues that affect a typical college laboratory.