Grounds, Vehicles

Let's face it. Everyone generates hazardous waste at some time or other, and handling it is a nuisance, to say the least. If you run a maintenance facility, chances are you're faced with this problem a lot. You may have thought that the only environmental regulations that apply to your maintenance facility relate to hazardous waste. Ask yourself do my colleagues, or I, perform the following tasks:

  • Replace lead-acid batteries
  • Use or store pesticides
  • Use a parts cleaner that containssolvents
  • Apply paint or use aerosols
  • Store fuel or other chemicals in an aboveground or belowground tank
  • Wash vehicles
  • Generate waste oil, waste oil filters, waste rags, waste absorbents
  • Use drums to store waste or chemicals
  • Generate used antifreeze

As you go through this section, you'll find the information you need on environmental regulations, written in everyday language. As you follow these regulations and best practices, you'll do more than just avoid fines and negative publicity. You can also take satisfaction in the fact that you will:

  • Contribute to a safer workplace,
  • Help reduce operating costs by minimizing waste,
  • Save money by preventing the costly cleanups caused by pollution, and
  • Have a positive impact on the environment.