Integrated Pest Management

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) link to Safe, Sustainable Food

"Field to Market" Sustainable Agriculture Resources

Respiratory Hazards for Agricultural Workers - from American Association of Occupational and Environmental Clinics.  Click on Down-loadable Resources to access PowerPoint presentation.

Agricultural Teaching Labs Topic Hub

Agricultural Best Management Practices: The production of food and fiber often requires complex strategies that must balance profitable and efficient farming with concerns about water quality and quantity. This fact sheet outlines potential pollution prevention methods. Source: The Ohio State University Extension.

Explore resources for teachers and students from the Natural Resources Conservation Services of the United States Department of Agriculture.

Agriculture Links (Great Lakes Regional Pollution Prevention Roundtable)

EPA Proposes New Safety Measures to Protect Farm Workers from Pesticide Exposure - This proposal represents more than a decade of extensive stakeholder input by federal and state partners and from across the agricultural community including farm workers, farmers, and industry on the current EPA Worker Protection Standard (WPS) for Agricultural Pesticides first established in 1992.

Childhood Agricultural Safety Network (CASN) is a coalition of organizations that work together to help keep children safe on the farm. These organizations represent the agricultural community, child injury prevention, minority-serving associations and related industry organizations.

Young Worker Safety in Landcaping videos from OSHA

Youth Worker Safety in Agriculture etool from OSHA

OSHA and NIOSH release recommended practices to avoid  Green Tobacco Sickness, which potentially affects about one quarter of tobacco workers.  Tobacco workers suffering from Green Tobacco Sickness are at greater risk for heat illness; a potentially deadly condition.