A college campus wouldn't be complete if it didn't have a place where students and faculty could go to grab breakfast, lunch and dinner. Depending on the size of a particular school and the way the buildings are arranged, there may be many cafeteria facilities scattered throughout the campus. This portion focuses on environmental issues that apply to cafeteria operations.

It is highly likely that almost everyone has at least one meal a day in the cafeteria, and many students probably eat three meals a day there. A very large quantity of food is stored, prepared and disposed of on any given day, and good management is required to keep things running smoothly. Colleges and universities should be especially concerned about health and safety, as well as environmental issues. There are also a number of best management practices that can be implemented to minimize the amount of energy and resources that are used in the cafeteria facilities.

Proceed through this section to learn more about best practices and environmental regulations that may apply to your cafeteria.