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Welcome to the CampusERC Virtual Tour 

The CampusERC Tour is designed to provide staff, researchers and students with an overview of some common environmental issues, including campus management practices that address regulatory topics and suggestions for minimizing environmental impacts. The information is organized around nine typical areas on a campus that are normally subject to environmental regulations. 

 How To USE The VIrtual Tour

Move your mouse over any numbered area and click to go to that section of the Virtual Tour.

 About the Virtual Tour

The CampusERC  Virtual Tour is adapted, with permission, from the “Environmental Virtual Campus” (EVC), which was developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and hosted by the C2E2.


The materials presented in this virtual tour are for informational purposes only, do not constitute legal advice and should not be considered to be a substitute for seeking advice from appropriate regulatory agencies, environmental services professionals, or legal counsel. Users are advised to contact an attorney directly whenever considering a matter with legal implications. The CampusERC, its partners, NACUBO, C2E2, CSHEMA, APPA and EPA, and MIT make no warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, and assume no responsibility or liability of any kind for any direct or indirect reliance on the information included or omitted from the CampusERC Tour.

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